How does it work?

Amanda will meet with all family members individually to ensure that a thorough assessment is made, taking into consideration the history, experiences and needs of both parents and children. Based on this assessment, Amanda will recommend a case plan for the family which may include individual, joint or family counselling, or a combination of all of the above. Parents will also be encouraged to attend a 12 hour psycho-education post-separation parenting program.

Amanda is a Child Inclusive Practitioner. This means that Amanda may request to meet individually with each child in the family to ensure that their voices are heard and that their experiences have been acknowledged.

The Aim:

The aim of this specialist service is to assist and support families to:

  • Reduce conflict and improve communication between co-parents.
  • Manage their Court Orders or Parenting Plans.
  • Focus on the needs of their children and to better understand their developmental stages and experiences.
  • Improve and strengthen relationships between children and both parents.
  • Resolve any issues that are hindering time spent between children and parents.
  • Provide psycho-education to parents around the separation process, co-parenting and the best interest of the children.

What this service doesn’t do:

Amanda does NOT write reports to court nor will she attend court hearings or disclose information disclosed in counselling sessions to legal parties, or any other person, without consent to do so.

Amanda works as a ‘neutral party’ assisting ALL family members to resolve presenting issues and challenges, adjust to changed circumstances and foster better relationships in their families. This cannot be achieved unless Amanda can remain impartial and build confidential, trusting, therapeutic relationships with all parties. This process is not adversarial and not to be confused with the court process. Clients will be required to sign an agreement prior to the commencement of this service to acknowledge that they have understood this.

Amanda may liaise with an Independent Children’s Lawyer (ICL) where one is nominated.

Parenting After Separation Program:

The Parenting After Separation Program is a 12 hour therapeutic & psycho-educational group-program for separated parents. The program is specifically tailored to address many of the complex issues associated with separation, providing parents with the skills and strategies to improve their co-parenting relationship, minimise conflict and improve communication whilst keeping a focus on the children and their needs.

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