Family Systems Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that addresses a person’s presenting problem within the context of their relationship to significant other people in their lives.

The basic premise of family therapy lies in the fact that no one grows up in isolation! As babies we rely on our parents or carers for survival, with family members becoming interdependent and entwined in many ways. Every family has their own patterns of interaction, communication and unspoken rules.  When one person in a family experiences or changes something, then the other family members will also experience or change something in order to adapt.

Whether working with an individual client, a couple or an entire family, Family Therapists work systemically, meaning that they will always consider the individual’s relationship to significant others, past and present. This could be family members, friends, work colleagues or others.

Family Therapy is used effectively to treat a wide range of issues, and to assist people to better understand their patterns of interaction, improve communication, resolve specific issues in relationships, decrease stress and anxiety and foster better relationships.