Amanda’s approach

Amanda’s practice utilises a systemic family therapy approach. With professional training in a wide range of theories and modalities, she will tailor interventions and implement techniques to suit individual needs.  Amanda has substantial experience in the areas of Attachment, Trauma, Family Violence, Child Development, Parenting, Child Inclusive Practice and Grief & Loss.  She attends regular trainings, seminars and professional development to ensure that she keeps up to date with the latest research and information in the counselling world.

Whilst Amanda believes in the fundamental importance of having education, sound knowledge and a strong foundation from which to practice, research has recognised time and time again that when a client finds a therapist who they can trust, relate to and connect with, this is a more important aspect to the success of counselling than the approaches utilised.

With this in mind, Amanda enjoys working with a wide range of clients, providing a safe, non-judgemental environment for clients to talk confidentially about the issues and concerns that are impacting on their lives. Amanda strives to ensure a client centred and collaborative approach to her work that meets the specific needs and goals of her clients, at a pace that suits them.